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Welcome to the Age of Strife, a weekly Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition show broadcast live on Twitch.tv, and the latest entry into the World of Solum canon. Join us in the final age of the world of Solum where the vast human empires of ages past have fallen to their own greed, thirst for power and an Elven-Dwarf alliance. The Great War has reduced humanity to but a tiny fraction of itself, both in number and in power. Monsters roam freely and unchecked while Orcs and Goblins claim the still smouldering human strongholds.

Hosted and DM’d by Neal “Koibu” Erickson, DM of Rollplay: Solum, Misscliks: D&D, rotating DM of Dicing with Death and host of Honorbound: Redemption of the New Guard. A pioneer of D&D Live Entertainment on Twitch, Neal brings his 15 years of D&D experience to Age of Strife.

Neal is joined by Scott “Sir Scoots” Smith, CS:GO personality and producer for high profile eSports events. He is also known for his role as Captain Stormy Silverblade on Misscliks: D&D Pirate edition. He plays Theobold Granger, a Human adventurer and wanderer with little respect for authority and nobility, specializing in archery.

Shannon “ShannonZkiller” Producer for an undisclosed game for an undisclosed company, and Community & Operations Manager for The 42nd twitch.tv community. A recurrent player on Rollplay: The West Marches. She plays Kreya, a barbarian in search of exhilaration and adventure.

Adam “Ellohime” Variety Streamer and Lord and Savior of The Viking Community on twitch.tv. Playing Ore, the gruff and overprotective brother of Kreya.

Jordan “Soma” Tayer. Communty Manager for Twitch.tv, and 14 year D&D veteran. Playing Aldous the Halfling rogue, who only steals to return items to their rightful owners – for a price.

Join us live Saturdays on twitch.tv/koibu, to see how these four adventurers deal with a time when a man’s worth is measured by his word, when might makes right, and a quick death is a mercy. A time where the age of peace and prosperity has ended, and in its place – only strife.

Catch up on the vods on youtube and join the discussion on reddit.com/r/Koibu

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