Member of the Thieves Guild in Abbera


A halfling rogue with dark hair and a plastic smile which hides a devious nature. He wears green and brown shades,has two shortswords hanging from his hips, and has studded leather armor under his clothes. From the town of Astari, he now calls Abbera his home. He is often found at the Fire Breath tavern and has connections and information among the social elite. He is practical and always prepared. Speaks fluent Orcish.

He works for the Mildritch family. Which is an organized crime syndicate that runs in the Eastern portion of the Kingdom of Kalia and is primarily based in Abbera.


As a member of the Thieves guild, Ricktar tasked the party to apprehend Brendan for him. Once delivered, Ricktar took him away for questioning. When asked about this later he said Brendan was fine and all he wanted was a good chat.

Impressed with the party, he asked them to look for Old Man Wallace, who went missing transporting “goods” for him. When the party returned, they voiced their concerns about the unknown goods and resolved not to work with Rickter anymore.

However, when Aldous was on the run from the Abberan guards and the rest of the party was imprisoned, he reached out to Ricktar for help. Aldous told him about the situation in the dungeon and about the job Buttonwig forced upon him. Ricktar told him that Aldous was now a liability, that he should never have worked with the guards, citing a code of honor among thieves.

After the events with Constable Buttonwig, Ricktar called on the party again saying that he was grateful for removing Buttonwig, as he was about to discover the escape plot in the Abbera dungeon. He then commisioned the party to escort him into the forest to make a trade. It turned out that he was trading with orcs.


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