Constable Buttonwig

Constable in Abbera


Mean looking, grumpy and foul faced. His teeth are brown, chipped, filed and nasty. His armor is cleaner than it should be, his boots are clean and his spear is in good condition. Belligerent and drunk with power. All around mean guy.


First met the party to warn them about danger on the road, and was promptly punched in the face by Ore. After some bribery, he looked the other way.

A few days later he came back and arrested the party, and then asked Aldous to do a favor for him (saying that the party owes him for the black eye) reporting on prisoners in the dungeon. In the end, Aldous reported him to the captain of the guard, who arrested Buttonwig and sentenced him to two months of hard labour.

Currently serving his time.

Constable Buttonwig

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