Known murderer and into Gnomes


Stands about 6’1" with a long slender face, pointy chin and broad shoulders. He blends well into crowds and has no distinguishing marks. Allegedly murdered Lord Quinten Newfields son. Brash, crude and impulsive, but wary of dangerous jobs. Is into Gnomes and bondage. Tends to be found at the Dragon’s Den.

Despite being a shady character, he is not affiliated with Ricktar and the Milditch Family – in fact he hates Ricktar.


The party seduced him with Tily’s wiles, whipped his penis, tied him up and delivered him to Ricktar. A couple weeks later, Aldous ran into him and, by chance, Brendan did not recognize him. Aldous then asked Brendan to do a job for him, which Brendan thought was too dangerous and declined.


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