Sir Lucius Blackburn

Landed Knight of Shallot


Sigil: Hawk over Crossed Spears

A stiff man with a posture suited to a knight. His breastplate is scarred and dented, showing signs of surviving many battles. Wears a long green cloak which attaches at the neck and shoulders, with a longsword at his side.


Rules over the small town of Shallot, and lives in a manor with his wife and young daughter Matilda. Has in his possession a magical ruby amulet which he says has been in his family for generations.

He is a no-nonsense straight to the point man, presenting at all times an honorable front. He doesn’t trust anyone with questionable judgement on the battlefield and chooses his friends carefully. He has a personal hatred for Baron Silvershield, who is trying to obtain his ruby amulet. He says the Baron is a devious liar obsessed with wealth.

He has caught the party sneaking around his manor and banished them.

He is currently travelling west past Ditchwater to attend Baron Oakenshield’s daugther’s Wedding. Last seen heading south from Abbera.

Sir Lucius Blackburn

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