Sheriff Mudgore

Sheriff of Shallot


Sheriff badge on his left lapel. He’s a older, bigger man – not quite blubberous. He wears chainmail that is slightly rusted and is a bit too small, and wields a cudgel. Often found chewing tobacco.


He’s been the Sheriff of Shallot for the last thirty years, inheriting the position from his late father. He’s very short and gruff with people, a typical alpha-male type, very distrustful of outsiders, and does not put up with sass. He runs a tight ship and is on a keen lookout for troublemakers. He often orders others to do his work for him, such as his two constables, keeping his boots nice and clean.

In his spare time he whittles wood.

Met the party in Episode 1, who informed him of a goblin menace near the town of shallot. Upon the party killing a few goblins in a barn nearby, he took unkindly to the party’s sass and ordered them to leave the following day.

Sheriff Mudgore

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